Congratulations to Rhode Island’s A4A grantees

Assets for Artists marked its sixth year of partnering with RISCA with grants to nine talented Rhode Island artists. They are part of A4A’s Capacity-Building Grant Program!

The artists are:

  • Lucas Baisch, Providence, is a Guatemalan-Mexican-American playwright and artist, originally from San Francisco.
  • Jobanny Cabrera, Providence, is an Afro-Dominican artist and youth mentor from the Bronx.
  • Wakefield’s Damon Campagna’s art is informed by his experience working in the museum field, specifically documenting 9/11 World Trade Center-related artifacts for the New York City Fire Department.
  • Marisa Finos, Providence, is a sculptor and multimedia artist who sees clay and other materials as an extension of her own body, while her performances seek to explore thresholds of consciousness, body and space.
  • Matt Garza, Providence, is a Queer Tejanx/Latinx performance artist, contemporary Afro-Latin choreographer, healer and educator.
  • Jon Hope, Providence, is a musician, writer and educator whose latest album is titled Hope All Is Well.
  • Keri King, Providence, is a cross-disciplinary artist whose practice incorporates illustration, public art, storytelling and the occasional foray into performance.
  • MJ Robinson, Providence, is an author-illustrator, educator and community organizer who encourages creative play and art-making in movements for social justice.
  • In her photography, painting, film/video installation and performance art, Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez, Providence, explores the proximity between daydreaming and reality, as well as life and death through themes of otherness, resistance, nostalgia, and feminist discourse.

Read more about them and follow their progress. Click here.