AATE’s first hybrid conference is in Providence

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Providence, and RI writ-large, is a rich theater community. From large touring Broadway productions in the heart of downtown, to community based bilingual theaters and cultural showcases, we have so much to offer. More and more Providence is considered a better option than Boston or New York because of its unique cultural pool. Rhode Island’s Southeast Asian community, Latinx and Afro-Caribbean communities have thriving theater and performance organizations.

So, in celebration of all of this, RISCA is thrilled to announce that we are hosting The American Alliance for Theatre and Education (AATE) upcoming 35th annual, and first-ever hybrid, conference Arriba el Tel√≥n (Raise the Curtain)  at the Rhode Island Convention Center, July 28-31, 2022. This incredible national organization has chosen to convene its membership here to highlight our multi-lingual theaters and showcase our statewide commitment to theater education and insight into theater education as a means of conveying intergenerational knowledge and histories.

As a nonprofit organization, AATE works to ensure that every young person experiences quality theater arts in their lives provided by proficient, talented artists and educators. Based in Washington, D.C, AATE has made waves in sparking conversations throughout numerous specializations, especially artists, scholars and educators. Through this cross-fertilization of ideas, AATE has created a space for art to enhance education and vice versa. Rooted in social justice and youth agency, AATE works to emphasize how critical thinking/collaborative skills apply to all fields in the 21st century workforce. The AATE conference features workshops where people can learn alongside and from one another. From playwrights, applied theater artists, K-12 educators, social justice activists, actors, directors, social workers and more.

RISCA is thrilled that the conference will highlight local organizations and their excellent work. Stand out conference moments will be an all-conference keynote from Francis Parra, of Teatro ECAS, and a free live performance of La Mancha on the State House lawn as part of Teatro en el verano.

We thank the following individuals and organizations for their support and contributions to the conference:

  • Teatro ECAS, Francis Parra and Yvonne Beauregard
  • The Village Theater, Elvys Ruiz
  • The Wilbury Theatre Group, Max Ponticelli
  • Rhode Island Theatre Education Association, Stephanie Spaziano
  • Providence Performing Arts Center, Dana Brazil
  • Southside Cultural Center, Silaphone Nhongvongsouthy
  • Mat Bevilaqua, BEVROS

See the full conference schedule, click here.

The conference will run from Thursday, July 28, to  Sunday, July 31.

Registration is still open; online registration closes July 22. Click here to register. Tiered Registration (Select the tier that fits your budget): $100 (virtual) $150, $200, $250, $300.

For additional information, please visit www.aate.com/2022.