Steel Yard Residency Applications due February 1st

The Steel Yard’s Residency Program is designed to assist emerging to mid-level artists in growing and strengthening their art practice in a supportive, cooperative environment through access to the Steel Yard’s studios and facilities. Participating artists have the opportunity to work together, to take part in community events and sales and to be creative leaders in a vibrant community shop. Most of all, residents get an all access pass to our studios in pursuit of their own work. The Residency Programs run from April 1st – December 1st.

The Steel Yard hosts Residency opportunities in Ceramics, Light Metals (Jewelry and metal forming), and Metals (Foundry, Blacksmithing, and Welding). All residencies include shared studios and tools along with personal storage space. Residency fee is $1,000 annually or 8 monthly payments of $125.

For more information, and to apply, click here.