Spectrum Gallery Call for Submissions

See Me, Feel Me
This show features artists who integrate noticeable texture into their pieces through their use of paint, collage, mixed media, fiber and/or sculptural elements.  We also welcome photographers who use imagery with an abundance of texture in their pieces.
Opens:  Friday, January 26, 2018
Closes: Sunday, March 18
Receives: January 15-19

To submit: Please email all requested information and digital images directly to Director Barbara Nair at barbara@spectrumartgallery.org with Subject Line: Submissions for “NAME OF EXHIBIT”


  • 3-4 image attachments (JPGs) of your artwork
    Images should be 300dpi and at least 900 pixels wide or high, no more than 1.5MB in size each.
    Please name the image files as follows:
    Title of Work, medium(s) used, dimensions, price.jpg
    (On your computer prior to attaching to an email, you need to locate the file, and with your cursor, click once onto the file name, before the .jpg extension and type in the identification information).
  • Short BIO (Word document or PDF)
    Please do not send CVs or resumes and write as 2nd personExample Biography:
    Robert Thomas’ background in engineering allows him to utilize the ever-changing technology of digital cameras to capture moments that mirror my artistic vision. He has learned not just to document but also to apply the creative aspects of composition and the freedom offered with digital image processing. This allows Robert to create a more engaging representation of my field of view. His body of work is inspired by urban and rural landscapes, and the imagery captured in reflective surfaces, weathered and worn structures, as well as the beauty and fragility he finds in nature. Robert has documented his world since the mid-twentieth century as he has had the opportunity to travel the globe and live in Europe, Asia, and South America. He has been inspired by the religious, architectural, and cultural diversity, and has been fortunate to define these through his lens. Robert’s photographic themes present a unique vision in his body of work of the decades from the 1960’s through to the present.
  • Contact Information: Including Name, email address, mailing address and phone number