Solo Exhibit Features Nixon Leger, 25 Years of Art from Haiti to the United States  at the State Art Gallery  

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Nixon Leger’s Solo Exhibit, Atrium Gallery at One Capitol Hill.

An exhibit featuring more than 25 years of captivating artwork created by Nixon Leger, is currently on display at the Atrium Gallery at One Capitol Hill on the main floor of the state’s Administration Building in Providence. This wide body of artwork was created based on the physical and metaphysical world as viewed by Nixon.

“My artwork from the early years is a quest of identity and creativity. This work is based on the philosophy, spirituality, physical and metaphysical world. Since I first began studying art, I have continued to search for unique ways to show my ideas. Through my artwork, I took the “Plantain Tree” from the physical world which I transformed into a metaphysic representation of the human body. My Art is a world of Adventure that I continue to explore.” – Nixon Leger

Exhibit Details:

What: Nixon Leger-25 Years of Art from Haiti to the United States
When: Exhibit is on display through June 8. Open to the public, weekdays, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Where: The Atrium Gallery at One Capitol Hill is on the first floor of the state’s Administration Building in Providence.

Nixon Leger is an award-winning artist from Belle-Anse, Haiti. His work has been showcased in many art exhibits internationally. Nixon is a leader to the community; he spends quality time contributing with other organizations providing his expertise on fundraising activities. His presence in supporting the community was recognized and awarded twice by the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), as well as other related fundraising events for Liberia and Haiti. Nixon shows that his artwork is a representation of Haitian Art mixed with other life concepts, rich with various styles, philosophy, and spirituality, while connecting to others worldwide.

The Atrium Gallery at One Capitol Hill was developed to exhibit the work of Rhode Island artists in the State Capitol Complex. It hosts exhibits on a rotating basis, in partnership with several state agencies and organizations. The art gallery enhances Capitol Hill as a destination point for visitors, as well as for the many people who visit Administration offices or attend conferences at One Capitol Hill. It also enriches the work environment for the hundreds of state workers who spend their workday in the building.