RISCA’s New Visions/New Curators Mentoring Series opens

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The New Visions/New Curators Mentoring Series
The Atrium Gallery at One Capitol Hill encourages the development of new curators and gallery directors from diverse communities through the New Visions/New Curator Series program. Artists of color are provided the guidance and mentorship needed to curate a show at the Atrium Gallery. Many of these artists go on to curate shows in local and regional galleries and museums.

Angel Smith’s artist statement

Creating art is my passion. I aspire to inspire others in an articulate, visual manner. Observing the world and its detail, I portray the intricacies of what would seem ordinary. My art is created from an Indigenous contemplative point of view. A point of view that works to bring forth color igniting wonder for the eyes and wakening the soul to the grandeur of Hope. A point of view that respects the earth and all that rests upon it.

My fascination with art and creating challenges me to experiment with and continually work toward dancing with various art mediums to broaden my capacity for artistic expression. Those art mediums include photography, clay, weaving, pastels, colored pencil, graphite, charcoal, oils, acrylics, and watercolor, among others. As my work matures, so does my passion to create.
With a bachelor’s degree in Textile Design, my training is evident in my meticulous attention to detail derived from the intricacies of fabric weaves and design. As if weaving, I interlace technical elements, familiarity, and aesthetics with layers of color to produce vibrancy and depth.

Motivated by the desire to captivate and inspire, I choose facets of expression to elicit curiosity. By gently conveying the inherent beauty and intrigue present within the simple things of life, I aim to comfortably draw viewers into the world of my canvas of choice.

For more information on curating exhibits at the atrium gallery please contact Elena.patino@arts.ri.gov