RISCA is hiring a Grants to Organizations Programs Director!

This position: Manages and oversees the agency’s support for organizations and has overall supervision of the agency’s grants management operations.  Regarding the support of organizations, manages granting programs that provide support to non-profit organizations, including arts organizations.  Provides technical assistance and support to current and potential applicants, and to organizations who approach the agency for assistance.  Works within state government and in the public to identify new opportunities, provide educational support on issues related to support for organizations who are presenting or producing art, and related work as required. Regarding the responsibilities overseeing the agency’s grants management operations; ensuring that all information from applications, grants and final reports is gathered and entered into the system in a timely and accurate fashion and that the system is up-to-date and operational;  to be responsible for the preparation of state and federal reports related to the grant awarding and management activities of the agency; to participate in the agency’s electronic communications and information activities (web site, blog, newsletter, artist directory, social media, etc.) and to do related work as required.

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