RISCA Draft Strategic Plan

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There are several components to the Strategic Plan: mission, vision, values statement, goals, and objectives. The mission articulates what we do, while the vision articulates our aspirations as an agency. The most critical element is our values statement, which will function as the lens through which we view all our work. The goals (fund, advance, etc.) are the ways in which we accomplish those values, while the objectives get even more specific.


We envision a Rhode Island where arts and culture are essential.


Through grantmaking, programming, convening, education, and policy-building, The Rhode Island State Council on the Arts ensures that arts and culture will continue to grow and play an ever more significant part in the welfare and experience of all Rhode Island residents.


We believe in the transformative power of arts and culture. All Rhode Islanders benefit from creative expression and a culturally vibrant state. As the agency of state government charged with supporting arts and culture in Rhode Island, we as a staff are committed to: 

TOTAL INCLUSION: Being respectful, welcoming, and inviting to all of our constituents. 

PROFESSIONALISM: Committing to excellence and consistency in service to Rhode Islanders by being knowledgeable, responsive, engaged, and transparent.

OPTIMISM: Empowering Rhode Islanders to thrive through our passion, humor, kindness, and hope. 

Through grantmaking, programming, and services, we adhere to and promote the following values:

EQUITY AND ACCESS: Ensuring equity and access in all contexts, including cultural opportunities, resources, and RISCA staff support for diverse communities throughout Rhode Island. 

COLLABORATION: Creating networks of mutual support among individuals, organizations, and RISCA to strengthen communities. 

ECONOMIC VALUE: Honoring the time, skills, talents, and excellence of artists and arts administrators through fair compensation. 

COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY: Supporting culturally relevant and responsive art to ensure the health and well-being of the arts and cultural ecosystem, beginning with arts education. 

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Fostering diverse arts and cultural leaders in, from, and for Rhode Island. 


FUND: financially support arts and culture in Rhode Island through grantmaking guided by a public process.

Objectives under the FUND goal include:

-Establish and maintain responsive arts and culture grant programs.​

-Increase the integrity and transparency of the grantmaking process.

-Seek to achieve the highest commitment to diversity, equity, access and inclusion within grantmaking.

ADVANCE: equip people and organizations with the skills, knowledge and resources to thrive.

Objectives under the ADVANCE goal include:

-Provide professional development for individuals and capacity building support for organizations.

-Amplify the stories of Rhode Island’s arts and culture community and share them with residents and visitors to Rhode Island.

-Quantify and communicate the value and importance of arts and culture.

BUILD: Foster sustainable infrastructure for the future of arts and culture in Rhode Island.

Objectives under the BUILD goal include:

-Promote an arts and culture ecosystem that is equitable, just and aligned with best practices.

-Collaborate with values-aligned partners to support the arts and culture community.

-Secure mission-driven funding and resource opportunities for the benefit of the agency and its constituents.

-Expand relationships within state government and with major stakeholders that advance the role of the arts and culture in public life.

ENGAGE: be continuously present and responsive to the arts and culture community in Rhode Island.

Objectives under the ENGAGE goal include:

-Plan, develop, and maintain programs based on continuous engagement with stakeholders and the arts and culture community.

-Provide Rhode Islanders with varied, appropriate and accessible paths to obtain information and assistance from RISCA.

-Conduct regular evaluations to ensure that all programs and services align with RISCA’s Vision, Mission and Values.

-Maintain and grow networks that connect and empower people and organizations in the Rhode Island arts and culture community.