Rhode Island State Poet Tina Cane recites her poem for the Inauguration of Dan McKee as 76th Governor of Rhode Island

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 Tina Cane
RI State Poet

The sun rose up     
 this morning     
 same as every other day
 but today     
 we sensed her 
 presence differently     
 the way faint rays     
 breaking through 
 a crown of clouds     
 gained strength 
 to cast her energy     
 with a warmer 
 amber purpose     
 the way her light     
 seeking to reflect      
 new and vibrant depths     
 revealed a fresh continum     
 that reached 
 each one of us     
 from waves of grain  
 to shining seas     
 to all the people     
 like you and me     
 from the names we say     
 to the lives we save     
 it was a proclamation 
 that everything 
 and everyone     
 must matter     
 thereby mattering 
 meaning into being     
 being into truths     
 all manner of matter   
 across time     
 aglow and in unison     
 under a single sun     
 whose light 
 like truth 
 reigns absolute    
 as water 
 but varied in hue     
 as stars are numerous     
 as the jagged dappled shores     
 where sun 
 meets land     
 meets water     
 meets hand     
 in hand
 to bend and blend     
 all towards 
 a more perfect
 so that every 
 nature's shade     
 can thrive anew    
 as just and true     
 as language is to power     
 as power to the people
 today and each day 
 me and you