Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence Call for Art

The Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence (RICAGV) was founded in 2013 after the Sandy Hook Shooting. The organization works with volunteers across the state to lobby and provide education around common sense legislative solutions to violence. Since the tragedy in Parkland, Florida the RICAGV has doubled down on their legislative solutions to ban weapons of war and prevent the militarization of our schools. For this initiative, the RICAGV is proud to support the One Gone Gun project which is working to organize a gun buy back in the state of Rhode Island.

We are looking for bold, affordable works of wearable, useable or decorative art to further an awareness of the gun violence epidemic we still face.  We hope to promote conversations that spark debate while providing needed resources to support real action including a planned gun amnesty/buy-back organized by artist Scott Lapham.  The competition will also support the RICAGV’s continued advocacy for responsible gun laws.

Designers, artists and metalsmiths are intrigued by material, technique and the challenges presented by engineering obstacles. Not only do they shape objects for wear, use and decoration but also for political commentary. The goal of this competition is to showcase, promote and sell the best designs which may employ an arsenal of wit and skill to transform weapon imagery beyond its deadly intent.  The winning entries will ultimately support the entrants as well as the efforts of the RICAGV.

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