Resources for Small and Mid-Sized Classical Music Organizations

Below are resources for Small and Mid-Sized Classical Music Organizations in Rhode Island!

Resources for Collaboration:

Follow-up Notes from Past Gatherings:

Other Resources:

  • RISCA’s Event and Publicity Submission Form.
  • Taking Out the Guesswork: a lot answers can be answered about the effectiveness of advertising platforms or what a desired target audience is interested in through surveys and focus groups. Doing either of those things is WAY easier than it sounds. The link provided is to an INCREDIBLY user-friendly study done by the Wallace Foundation that is specific to arts and culture organizations. It includes a how-to, case studies, and sample survey and focus group questions.
  • Article about California Symphony’s new ED: this article came up in one of our meetings– again, an easy informative read about how this new ED made concerts relevant to new audiences. Something we have discussed is how audiences (both younger and otherwise) are interested in having social experiences – how can that be something that is reflected in how you structure programming if it is not already?