Public Feedback for New Project Grant for Organizations – let us know what you think!

In light of our strategic plan and values statement, the Governor-appointed Council, which oversees RISCA, had asked RISCA staff to reassess and – in some cases – restructure our grant programs to accurately reflect our newly articulated agency values and priorities. The first grant program RISCA restructured was our Investments in Arts and Culture (IAC) general operating support program for organizations; the process was completed in April 2021. Now, we turn to our Arts Access Grant program, which will be known as our Project Grant for Organizations starting in January 2022.

To develop these new program guidelines, RISCA was guided by a Working Group comprised of 10 individuals from around the Ocean State associated with arts and culture organizations (see CAN YOU TELL ME MORE ABOUT THE WORKING GROUP? section for more information below). At this point in the process, we would like to hear your thoughts on the draft guidelines for this program.

Based on feedback heard during our strategic planning process and the work of this working group, the changes to the structure of the grant program are not dramatic. The bulk of the Working Group’s time and energy was spent on a new simplified and streamlined application and budget for the program, as well as different ways RISCA could provide support to applicants and address accessibility issues. The most noteworthy structural change is the removal of the cash match requirement for all grant requests. 


In an effort to reflect our values of transparency, RISCA organized a Working Group to provide direct public input during the drafting process for this grant program – typically this phase of developing a program would be done by staff without direct public input. The public feedback phase is typically done for all new grant programs. We want this new program to be as relevant and effective for Rhode Island as possible – which means we need to hear from you!


The draft guidelines are available here. When you are ready to provide feedback, you will use this survey – see the instructions within the survey for more details. If you are unable to input your responses into the survey for any reason, or if you need a copy of the guidelines in a format readable by screen readers or in a different language, please contact Todd Trebour at

Providing us feedback within the survey is important, as we will share the written feedback with RISCA’s Governing Council. To answer any questions you might have before answering the survey, we are hosting one Q & A session. You don’t not need to attend this session in order to provide feedback.

  • Q & A Information Session: Monday, September 20 from 10 – 11 am. Register to join the call via this link here.

The feedback survey will be open until end of day Tuesday, September 21, 2021.


All survey responses will be compiled. Todd will summarize the feedback and take it into consideration when drafting the final version of the grant guidelines. In their final review of these new guidelines in late September, RISCA’s Governing Council will consider the summarized feedback – and RISCA staff’s responses to the feedback – in their final approval of this program.


In February 2020, RISCA’s Governor-appointed Council leadership approved a timeline and process for the restructure of the Arts Access Grant program, now called Project Grant for Organizations. In particular, RISCA’s Governor-appointed Council wanted to ensure that RISCA’s Project Grant for Organizations program is in alignment with the new strategic plan, particularly in regards to our values around equity and access.

As a part of the process, Organizations Program Director Todd Trebour stewarded a Working Group that reviewed a wide variety of materials, including RISCA’s strategic plan and grantmaking best practices. At the Working Group’s first meeting, they provided Todd with feedback on the Arts Access Grant program, application, and budget. At two subsequent meetings, the Working Group reviewed drafts of program guidelines and application materials Todd produced and provided feedback. This working group is comprised of ten people associated with arts and culture organizations from around the state, working in a wide variety of disciplines and bringing diverse experiences to the group. Approximately 3/4 of Working Group members were from organizations with annual budgets under $100,000.

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