Public Art Commission installed at RI State Police Barracks

The Rhode Island State Council On the Arts and the Rhode Island State Police are pleased to announce the recent installation of a public art commission by Warren artist Deborah Baronas in the renovated Lincoln Woods Barracks at 1575 Louisquisset Pike, Lincoln. The commission features 8 textiles and paintings for the hallway and board room of the facility.

Under the Art For Public Facilities Act, 1% of the Barracks renovation budget was set aside for artwork. A public art selection panel performed a site visit, helped to write a Request for Qualifications, reviewed 38 entries, considered proposals from three finalists, and ultimately selected Baronas for the $25,000 commission.

The panel remarked that Baronas’ “conscientious attitude” helped her win the award and Lieutenant Richard D. Swanson noted that Baronas “captured the spirit and emotion of what we do.” Baronas interviewed many members of the force and visited the Barracks multiple times before and during the creation of the work. Her inclusive, research-intensive process had already won her attention after she created 9 glass and textile pieces for the Bristol Veterans Home in 2017.

RISCA’s spokesperson thanked Baronas and the RI State Police for their hard work and diligence, noting that “Rhode Island has so much talent, it’s often difficult to choose among the many highly qualified applicants. We were honored to work with Deb Baronas and the RI State Police on this important commission.”

The Council wishes to thank all the officers who contributed to Baronas’ interviews and those who served on the panel, including Union Studios architect Andrew Barkley, Lincoln artists Bonnie Lee Turner and Merle Poulton, Cecilia Hallahan from the RI Department of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance and Lieutenant Richard D. Swanson, Facilities/Capital Projects Manager for the RI State Police.

Funding for the commission was provided through the Allocation For Public Facilities Act and overseen by the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, through a bond approved by Rhode Island taxpayers and the Rhode Island General Assembly.

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