Providence Children’s Museum Seeks Playwright

Providence Children’s Museum is looking for a playwright to develop our newest interactive live theater experience, focused on the concepts and skills related to empathy!

The play we are hoping to commission, as described in our parameters section, will complement Coming to Rhode Island our newest exhibit which explores history and culture. The exhibit is designed to build empathy and foster respect for the diversity of individuals who make up our world. It’s about understanding that diversity makes our communities richer and stronger, and about cultivating compassion for others by making personal connections to their stories. At a time of divisiveness and discord in our country and world, empathy is more important than ever.
Located in Providence’s Jewelry District, the Museum creates and presents interactive exhibits and lively programs for children ages 1 to 11 and their adult caregivers to inspire and celebrate learning through active play and exploration.

At the Providence Children’s Museum, interactive live theater experiences engage close to 7,000 kids in 80 shows over 12-months and helps to translate complex concepts, e.g. recycling and differentiation. Providence Children’s Museum’s (PCM) presents one play each year and we currently alternate between “No Time to Waste,” a piece which involves kids in animated recycling, reusing and renewing decisions and “After the Beanstalk,” which engages kids in helping Jack and Jill solve a giant’s puzzling challenges.

Compensation (upon completion of each phase)
Phase 1: No compensation for submission of Scenario/Plot Outline
Phase 2: Receive check for $500
Phase 3: Receive check for $500
Phase 4: Receive check for $500
By purchasing the script from the writer, Providence Children’s Museum will own the entire piece,
including any copyrights. The museum holds the right to allow the author to utilize the material
through an approval process.
Submission Process:
All submissions should be sent electronically to Kristin Read, Director of Education

• Target age of audience is 3 and up and their caregiver. The family may bring siblings. The
play should be enjoyable for all ages including grownups.
• The play should work for all audience sizes. Audience size can vary from 15-100 people,
depending on the day or the season during which it is presented.
• Play should be short 10- 15 minutes in length, as our audience members are young and
may be wiggly.
• The play experience should involve audience participation, allowing both the whole
group to interact (such as clapping or shouting no) and several volunteers to be chosen
from the crowd to come up if available. The experience should be fun and playful!
Actors, Space, Props
• Maximum of two actors plus the audience, can be a solo actor.
• Script must be easily memorized by non-actors.
• Portable materials due to the play being presented in a variety of settings, parks,
museum and school classrooms.
• No more than 2 set pieces. Hand props only, which are able to be stored on shelves and
easily carried.
• Museum has other available resources to be used for props, such as; tables, chairs,
blue/green back drop. List available upon request.
• There will be no lighting and no sound system.
• The play should be adaptable to any space.

Questions can be sent to
Kristin Read via email or phone 401.273.5437 ext 136