Proposed Individual Artist Grant Programs

Thanks for reviewing and providing feedback on the proposed Individual Artist Grant Programs! Below you will find: a slide deck via PDF with an overview of the programs and other notable changes; brief overviews of the four grants; PDFs of the full guidelines for each of the four grants; and a link to provide feedback.

Slides- Grant Overview and Changes.

Opportunity Grant.

Link to PDF of Opportunity Grant Guidelines.

RISCA Opportunity Grants provide Rhode Island artists funding for concrete opportunities that will support professional growth. This grant is available to artists working in all disciplines at any stage in their career. Examples of the wide range of opportunities covered include: materials to complete work for a specific show; attendance and travel costs for a residency/performance/conference within the state of Rhode Island; hiring a career coach or agent; attending classes or professional development events; and/or marketing materials or documentation of a specific project. The grant awards are for unique, short-term opportunities that do not constitute routine completion of work in progress and that the applicant would not be able to take advantage of without this funding.

Community Engaged Grant.

Link to PDF of Grant Guidelines.

RISCA Community Engaged Project Grants (CEPG) provide grants of up to $3,000 in support of arts and culture projects that are directly and actively engaged with Rhode Island residents. Projects must be artist instigated and organized, outside of institutional support and structures. Open to projects of all arts disciplines, from artists of all levels, these experiences should welcome non- or new- artists to engage in making, experiencing, or learning about art as an active participant. The project should directly benefit the public in Rhode Island and/or engage a specific Rhode Island community. A deep impact on a small number of people is equally as valuable as an event that many people attend.

Make Art Grant.

Link to PDF of Grant Guidelines.

The RISCA Make Art Grant program provides grants of up to $3,000 for artists to create or continue specific work. Projects must have specific goals, though completion and public showing of the art is not required. Projects must be artist instigated and organized, outside of institutional support and structures. Open to projects of all arts disciplines, from artists of all levels, funds can be used to support experimentation, materials, space rental, paying collaborators, documentation, and artist stipends. All Make Art grantees may participate in a work in progress showing, organized by RISCA staff.

General Operating Support for Artists.

Link to PDF of Grant Guidelines.

The RISCA General Operating Support for Artists (GoSA) program provides grants of $6,000 for each of three consecutive years (total of $18,000) for artists to work towards large, specific, self-identified goals in their art practice. This funding is unrestricted, meaning artists can use the funds to support their goals however they need. This program includes a cohort community of current grantees, with meetings and learning opportunities that are driven by and focused on the grantees’ needs. Grantees will need to submit a report once a year during their grant period and must remain Rhode Island residents for the full grant period. Grant funding could support things like: the ability to set aside time to work on art making; art materials; space rental; technology; paying collaborators; research and experimentation; marketing; documentation; and more. Each year, three artists will be selected for this program, for a total of nine artists receiving yearly grants at any given time.

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