Community Arts Partnership Program

2011 Native American Powwow

The Community Arts Partnership Program celebrates local artists who enrich the quality of life for all Rhode Islanders through art and culture. Art is an integral part of any healthy community as it brings people together and engages area residents. Partnering with Rhode Island’s talented folk and traditional artists, we highlight local artists whose diverse talents add depth and breath to our neighborhoods. Instead of stemming from a long-standing tradition of apprenticeship, the work of these community artists is the product of a more recent ingenuity. They have proven themselves as masters of their art form despite some having limited access to formal training. While the roots of their practice might not be traceable, these artists produce work that is vital to the artistic well being of all Rhode Islanders.

RISCA is committed to ensure these artists are given the opportunity to share their work with the Rhode Island community.

Multiple collaborations have taken place since its inception: The Book Fair/La Feria del Libro was a partnership between the Providence Community Library and RISCA; Asian Pacific Dance Festival and Community Leadership Awards that celebrated National Asian Pacific Heritage Month; Latino Community Celebration that showcased art, culture and history of RI’s diverse Latino Community; and the New England Native American Culture Week (NENACW) that focused on Eastern Woodland Indian culture and traditions. Through these partnerships and connections, many of these projects have grown to become sustainable programs.

The Community Arts Partnerships consist of:


Elena Calderón Patiño, Director of Community Arts Program, 401-222-6996.