Business Basics Bootcamp

Business Basics Bootcamp is a free, eleven week, sequential course designed to get your small business formalized. Focused on artists who are self employed or sole proprietors, this course will cover legal and tax entities; marketing basics; finance basics; intellectual property; contracts; and accessing other resources. This will help you access small business funding and supports, as well as organize your business skills in support of your artistic practice. You are encouraged to attend all of the sessions, but it is not required. The classes will be recorded and available to view here the day after the class. Mollie will hold office hours each week, you can either drop in to Zoom office hours between 3 and 4pm and Thursdays, or set up an appointment to ask questions, get additional support, or fill out/start paperwork discussed in the course. All resources, links, class slides, and readings will be available on this page.

Week One

Introduction, Values Identification, Goal Setting.

Note: Since this session was very interactive, and we spent the majority of the time either doing work or sharing the results, I have only shared the slides and not the recording. The slides will take you through the exercises we did.


Links to Values Sorting Exercise

Week Two

Legal and Tax Entities/Business Forms.


Rhode Island Business Structures Guide from Sec of State

Costs By Business Structure in RI


Week Three

Business Names, State and City Registration; Banking and Insurance.


Resource Links

Week Four

Finance 101: Budgeting and Bookkeeping.


Budget Template 1 (excel)

Budget Template 2 (excel)

Budget Template 3 (excel)

Budget Template 4 (excel)

PGI Budget Template

Creative Capital’s Budget Tips and Templates

Week Five

Finance 201: Taxes, E-Commerce.

Guest Lecturer: Erica Hope Guatieri, CPA, MST; email:

Week Six

Marketing 101: Who is it for? Who will pay for it?


Ted Talk: Amanda Palmer, The Art of Asking

Content Marketing Worksheet

Marketing Goals Worksheet

Persona Worksheet 1

Persona Worksheet 2

Week Seven

Marketing 201: Personas, goals, branding.

Week Eight

Intellectual Property Basics: copyright, trademark, protecting yourself, licensing.

Note: This class will be guest taught by Luke Blackader from Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts New England.

Arts and Business Council of Greater Boston

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts of Massachusetts

Week Nine

Contracts and Negotiation.

Getting Your Sh*t Together – Forms and Templates

PACT Sample Contracts

Article on Force Majeure, the pandemic, and artist contracts by Luke from VLA

Week Ten

Funding, Calls for Art, Public Art, Residencies.

Week Eleven

Small Business Resources.

PDF of syllabus.