Pawtucket issues RFP for Arts Festival Director


The City of Pawtucket requests proposals from experienced individuals, organizations or teams for the role of Arts Festival Director for the 2019 Pawtucket Arts Festival. The individual or team acting as the Arts Festival Director (AFD) will play the key organizational and detailed role for the Festival. They will be responsible for ensuring that all the key people and events come together in a smooth and effective way. The AFD will work closely with the Pawtucket Arts Festival Board and also the City of Pawtucket.

The deadline for RFP Submission is January 24, 2019 at 10:00am

While the City has final approval of the festival, the AFD will share responsibility for festival visioning, curation, administration, marketing, fundraising, and production as outlined below. The Pawtucket Arts Festival is produced through the collaboration of the City of Pawtucket, the Pawtucket Arts Festival Board of Directors. There are many other partnerships with local arts organizations, community organizations, etc. which are essential to the Festival’s success. Planning for the Festival is a year-round activity which begins as soon as the current Festival ends.

For further information, see the RFP at 

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