Pandemic Unemployment Assistance work search update

We have been working with the RI Department of Labor and Training (RIDLT) to clarify the work search requirements now in place for people receiving Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. Below you will find a list that is illustrative of the actions that will meet the work search requirement and the new work search log specifically for PUA recipients. If you have any questions please reach out to, she is working closely with RI DLT as they get this process up and running. Additionally, follow RISCA’s social media for upcoming, weekly, online meetings focused on business development for artists that will count as one action for the work search requirements, and will be a great way to connect to other RI artists.

The following is an illustrative list of business growth and development/ work search activities. Note: Any revenue generated should be reported if taken as earnings.

    • Signing up for a new online delivery or driving service.
    • Demonstrating a new client-seeking strategy.
    • Demonstrating a diversification of business, product, or client services.
    • Website updates to attract new customers/clients/traffic.
    • New, original social media postings for your business.
    • Selling at and/or getting a booth at a market (like the Providence Artisan’s Market, or PVD Flea).
    • Spending time creating more work, whether you are a visual, literary, or performing artist. Examples might include making a new painting, more hand poured candles, or learning a new song.
    • Selling work on Etsy or another online art market (profits must be reported during weekly certification).
    • Opening a shop on an online art market or offering new merchandise/services to sell on Etsy or another online market.
    • Attending a business development workshop or class.
    • Spending time creating new or different work. For example, if you currently make candles, learning to make concrete planters; or if you are a violinist, working to learn viola; or learning to teach classes in your art form//business/professional field.
    • Teaching a class for adults or youth in your art form//business/professional field, that charges tuition.

The PUA work search log can be found on the DLT website:, or downloaded here.

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