Opening night for the 40th anniversary of Flickers’ RIIFF is a big hit

The official Opening of the 40th Anniversary of Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival kicked off in Providence on Aug. 9.

Steven Feinberg, the Executive Director of RI’s Film and TV Office, thanked George Marshall, Larry Andrade, Michael Drywa, Shawn Quirk, Winnie Brownell, Mike Braca, the Board of Directors, staff and supporters for all of the efforts to support filmmaking and cinemagoing.

In addition he congratulated his mentor and friend, Randall Rosenbaum, on receiving the prestigious George M. Cohan for his unbridled advocacy of the arts community and to all of the Producers Circle Award winners. Feinberg also received an award and, he said, “It was a complete shock to me to also receive the Sam Spiegel Award at the end of the ceremonies from the RI International Film Festival team. I am humbled and grateful beyond words.”

He added, “The Film Festival has just started and the best is yet to come!”

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