New Urban Arts Hiring 2 Part Time Positions

New Urban Arts is hiring a Resident Artist Mentor in the Literary Arts and a Youth Engagement Associate.

About New Urban Arts
New Urban Arts is a nationally-recognized community arts studio for high school students and emerging artists in Providence, RI. Our mission is to build a vital community that empowers young people as artists and leaders to develop a creative practice they can sustain throughout their lives.

Overview- Resident Artist Mentor
New Urban Arts is hiring a Resident Artist Mentor (RAM) in the Literary Arts. We are looking for a generalist who can work with students on various skills and in various styles, from performative self-expressions undertaken purely for personal satisfaction to school assignments and college essays. The RAM will embody our core values of connection, voice, inclusion, leadership, and risk by:

  • Participating in the life of New Urban Arts’ afterschool studio on a daily basis;
  • Creating meaningful relationships with youth;
  • Teaching, coaching, and editing students in a wide range of writing styles, including poetry, lyrics, and various forms of prose, such as fiction, creative non-fiction, academic writing, and college essays.

Overview- Youth Engagement Associate
The Youth Engagement Associate ensures that New Urban Arts is a welcoming, supportive space for everyone. They help maintain a healthy, supportive social atmosphere in our afterschool programs by building relationships with as many students as possible, connecting students to artist-mentors and each other, anticipating potential conflicts, and communicating continuously with the rest of the program staff about the needs and concerns of students. The Youth Engagement Associate builds community among students, mentors and staff. They also have data entry duties.

Please check out the full job descriptions for the Resident Artist Mentor in the Literary Arts and the Youth Engagement Associate positions. Application deadline for both positions is September 1st.

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