National Academy of Medicine call for work about Clinician Burnout and Resilience

Clinician burnout affects all of us. It can lead to reduced job performance, high turnover, and, in the worst cases, clinician depression and suicide. Clinician well-being is essential for safe, high-quality patient care. Supporting investment in the well-being of our clinicians requires diverse, collective attention and the experiences and voices of many.

The National Academy of Medicine is calling on artists of all kinds to explore what clinician burnout, clinician well-being, and clinician resilience looks, feels and sounds like to people across the country. Use any art form to show us what clinician burnout, clinician resilience and/or well-being means to you. Whether it’s a depiction of how you de-stress from a busy day, how you feel when taking care of patients, or a picture of your favorite clinician, show us—what does clinician well-being look, feel, and sound like to you? Everyone has a stake in this issue—what’s yours? Your art could be featured in a permanent online gallery and/or an in-person show hosted by the National Academy of Medicine in May 2018.

Submission deadline: February 16, 2018 at 11:59 PM PT

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