Meet Wakefield Elementary

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Applicant Organization: South Kingstown School- Wakefield Elementary
Participating Artists: Beth Hettrick Berry, Issa Colibaly, Thaun Harris, Hannah Beakman, Mich Muller
Project: UPBEAT is a multi-arts theater production that would involve upwards of 200 elementary school students and 75 adults. The theme will revolve around the cross cultural understanding and personal exploration. The script was written by playwright Beth Berry, in collaboration with music faculty and the classroom teachers. It is flexible to allow for maximum participation by the student body. It will be aligned with the Arts Grade Span Expectations.
Our goals for this project are to enhance understanding and appreciation of the arts, and to demonstrate how the arts support the internalization of information from other core subjects, in this case geography, and social studies, both for the students and for the adults who will work with them.
There are no “try-outs”. Basically, a flexible, adaptive script is written. Participants are then told the “story” of the drama, until they are familiar with all the characters and plot. Students and adults then cast themselves into various roles, and any necessary adaptations are made to the script. When a participant chooses what role he or she 12274654_978998172146249_3588839660865908394_nwould like to play, the experience becomes a highly personal expression of self. This connection continues to develop during the rehearsals, as students discover kindred spirits of all ages who felt drawn to that same role. During the final performances, their artistic selves and accomplishments are applauded and appreciated by peers, family, and community.
About the Organization: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ The mission of the South Kingstown School Department, in partnership with families and the entire educational community, is to educate ALL of our students in the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure readiness and success in college and career.