Meet Adam Anderson and Davisville Middle School!

Twice a year, RISCA awards grants in a number of categories. Over the next few months, we will be profiling the amazing artists and organizations that received grants at our April 1, 2017 deadline, two at a time.

adam & friend

Project Grants for Individuals
Artist: Adam E. Anderson
Project: Ten Thousand Suns is a summer-long botanical performance, founded in 2016, in which over 10,000 sunflower seeds are planted and nurtured over the course of the summer months. It is located on land that, until recently, sat under a highway with high compaction, low-organic material, and embedded with toxicity. A portion of the performance is simply the presence of those who care for the field to develop a garden/park for everyone to enjoy and transform the site into a bio-diverse and artfully constructed wildlife habitat. The panelists really responded to the description of how people engage with the space and the work, and how this project activates a space in an area that doesn’t get a lot of attention.
Artist Bio: Adam E. Anderson is a registered landscape architect and Founder/Director of sunflowers & chairDesign Under Sky.  Projects vary in a range of scales that include but are not excluded to a hospital healing gardens, residential gardens, masterplanning, campus plazas, rooftop gardens, and urban parks, as well as commissioned public art works.
He received his Masters in Landscape Architecture (MLA II) from the Rhode Island School of Design where he was an Olmsted Scholar and Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from The Ohio State University. He has taught at RISD since 2014 and has been a visiting critic at Harvard Graduate School of Design, The Ohio State University, Northeastern University, and the Boston Architectural College. You can see more of his work at

File_002Project Grants in Education
Applicant Organization: Davisville Middle School
Lead Teacher: Sandra Makielski
Participating Artists: Beth Berry, Isa Coulibaly, Jiyoung Chung, Charles Kalajian, Stuart Paton, Jayshree Rajamani
Project: Ninety seventh grade students from DMS will enhance their understanding of Asian and African cultures by “travelling” down the Silk Road in 4-D:  Dance, Drama, Drumming, and Design.  Students will create a 10 stall Silk Road Market where community members will barter with canned goods turning the entire event into a service learning project.
Students will spend six months learning about the geography of Asia and Africa through hands-on activities.  In each region the students “visit” and study, they will learn a skill or technique unique to that region and be exposed to an art form from highly trained guest artists.  In turn, students will practice the art forms (puppetry, dance, drumming, joomchi) and they will create authentic items to trade during their Silk Road Market to be hosted in June.  Students will make enough items for 10 different tents to trade with approximately 300 guests.
The DMS Silk Road Market will be comprised of 4 parts located in the courtyard of File_003Davisville Middle School:  shopping for authentic handcrafted artifacts made by seventh-graders, traditional stories told through shadow puppets, dancing and drumming as a way for the seventh grade students to share their experiences and new-found knowledge of the Silk Road.  Over 200 students and over 100 community members will come together to celebrate, learn, and experience cultures from Asia and Africa.
About the School: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Davisville Middle School is committed to providing our students with pathways for academic and personal success through challenging and diverse educational opportunities.