Project Grants for Individuals, FY20 cycle 1

Grant Amount
Grant Program
Charles Carvalho Culture Shock Community Celebration (2nd Annual) $2,100 Artist will organize the second edition of a family friendly, multi-genre, outdoor concert event aimed at bridging the generational and cultural gaps that exist in and around Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Culture Shock Block Party will take place in Downtown Pawtucket and will use music as the tool to bring together and unite some of the prominent cultures that make up our beloved city Pawtucket. Project Grants for Individuals Pawtucket
Jennifer Sanchez Abue! A Spanish-language play created and directed by Jennifer Sanchez $1,800 Latina performer and playwright Jennifer Sanchez to hold the production of 'Abue!' the play. A Mexican-American story based in Providence where a family falls apart as they gradually become successful opening the first tortilleria business in RI. Only one woman can hold the legacy and meaning of family together, none other than abue! Project Grants for Individuals East Providence
Sara Azriel Schaub MARS Camp After School Program $1,250 MARS Camp is a music, arts, recording, and songwriting program. Combining holistic methods with new technology, MARS takes a visionary approach in helping students discover their voice. Students learn to write, record, produce, and distribute their original work, and apply healthy mind and body practices to their art and daily lives. Project Grants for Individuals Clayville
Christopher Johnson Invoice For Emotional Labor $900 Invoice for Emotional Labor is Multi discipline Docu-Theater performance answering the asked and not so obvious unasked questions about race and racism from the perspective of poet and 2018 McColl Johnson finalist and RISCA Playwright fellow Christopher Johnson using the present definitions and language of the social justice lexicon. Project Grants for Individuals Providence
Peyman Farzinpour ENSEMBLE PARALLAX 2019 Multimedia Performance $1,700 Renowned mezzo-soprano Kathleen Roland joins ENSEMBLE / PARALLAX in a program cosponsored by Syracuse University and the Italian Cultural Institute, featuring compositions by Stanford professor, Patricia Alessandrini, and Italian composer Salvatore Sciarrino. All three pieces will be accompanied by video art and live mapping by celebrated video artists from around the globe, commissioned by E/P. Project Grants for Individuals Providence
Patti McAlpine Galway Kinnell Poetry Festival $500 This is a festival of workshops and readings held in Pawtucket paying homage to Pawtucket's poet, Galway Kinnell. The event is held in conjunction with the Pawtucket Arts Festival. The festival will be held the weekend of September 27, 2019. This will be the second year for the festival and myself and my fellow poets on the committee wish to expand this year, free and open to public. Project Grants for Individuals Warwick
Ricky Katowicz The Rainbow Beard Show $2,540 Ricky Katowicz is the creator and host of a live theater production for children and their families called, 'The Rainbow Beard Show'. Held regularly at the AS220 Black Box, it is equal parts spectacle and classroom. Audience participation is encouraged and each 'Show' features special guests, recurring characters, minute-long dance parties, and a celebration of authentic feelings. Project Grants for Individuals North Providence
Alfonso Acevedo THE NEW MILLENNIUM ART FACTORY CENTRAL FALLS CONNECTING THE ART WITH THEIR NEIGHBORHOOD PART IV $2,500 For this year 2019 Public Art Part IV will brig more children and artists aboard. We are seeking more partners to do public exhibits than 2018. On 2016, 2017 and 2018 with RISCA grants we did the first step on Public Art on Blackstone Valley. Our Program are doing history thanks to RISCA and the Adams Public Library Central Falls. Working hard since 1995 for the children and families. Project Grants for Individuals Central Falls
Cathren Housley Maker's Box Recycled: the Transformative Power of Art $2,195 Maker's Box is a workshop series designed to kick start young imaginations with a variety of art mediums. Multidisciplinary artist and writer Cathren Housley provides the materials- each week a different challenge arrives…and the fun begins. Kids will explore the transformative power of art and develop solid problem solving skills as they take their ideas from thought to form. Project Grants for Individuals East Providence
Jonathan Guzman Queer Ofrenda Altar $500 As a queer Chicano artist, I find visibility of both of my cultures to be lacking in Providence at times. In order to celebrate both my Mexican heritage and my Queer culture in Providence, I will be making a queer ofrenda altar that will celebrate those that have passed on Dia De Los Muertos. Queer idols, Chicano idols, and local PVD community members will be represented on the Ofrenda. Project Grants for Individuals Providence
David Henry Festival of Solo Dances and Dance Films $2,000 "Kicking & Screening" will be a weekend of solo dance performances, dance films, and creative workshops, taking place in Providence, Spring 2020. Invited artists, both local and national, will be sharing work that pushes the boundaries of contemporary performance made for stage and cinema. Project Grants for Individuals Scituate
Mishki Thompson Native Beading Workshop $3,000 Educational workshops that will introduce the public to Native American culture and Native traditions of beading arts. These ten beading workshops will be held at libraries in Washington County and at the Tomaquag Museum at no cost to the public. Five classes will be for children ages 10-15 and five classes for teens and adults 16 and up. Project Grants for Individuals Charlestown
Heather Caunt-Nulton The Henna Crown Project $1,000 Henna artist Heather Caunt-Nulton will provide henna art crowns to chemotherapy patients, at no cost to them.
Photos of all participants, along with their stories, will be shared on a website created for the project, as well as in a gallery show.
Project Grants for Individuals Pawtucket
Cecil Hickman Warriors Wives Widows Podcast Plays $600 Podcast Plays to bridge the disconnect between veterans and civilians. The mission is to use role play to show the Drama of returning Home from War. Podcasting is the emerging medium. I propose to add five more scripts and perfect the five already written. Casting would include Veterans Families. Productions could be performed during major holidays. Project Grants for Individuals Providence
Jennifer Cahoon Portraits of a City $1,000 Jennifer Gillooly Cahoon will poll the people of East Providence to identify three individuals of varied ethnic backgrounds who have had a positive impact on the community. Subjects will be painted by the artist and when finished, the art will be gifted to the city and hung in city hall. Subjects will be publicly celebrated by the city via ribbon cutting ceremony and at a City Council meeting. Project Grants for Individuals East Providence
Gina Rodriguez A Message from the Archives: a mixed media immersive museum exhibit 7 generations in the future. $750 Co-curated by Providence-based writer Gina Rodríguez and Boston-based visual artist Dara Bayer, A Message from the Archives is a mixed media immersive museum exhibit set seven generations into the future. This one-night-only exhibit explores the ramifications of climate change, artificial intelligence, social collapse and rebirth through a feminist afrofuturist lens. 159 Sutton St, Providence RI. Project Grants for Individuals PROVIDENCE
Larry Miller Substantia Nigra/ Furtive Movement Theatrical Cycle Public Reading and Community Development $1,800 D.S. Kinsell paints beautiful landscapes on several canvases at a time so he can continue to be productive while other pieces are wet. I’ve embraced this strategy with my play writing. Our friend and mentor reminds us that plays also need time to dry. over the past two years i have been developing 5 plays. (A Furtive Movement: The use of Farce, Lightning Ike, Substantia Nigra: In three 5th's) Project Grants for Individuals providence
Sharon Contillo Curls short film $2,100 Sharon Contillo will be filming a fictional short film based on a true events. The story is about a little girl who is completely ashamed of her curly hair, so much so that she does everything in her power to hide it. In the end, she ultimately comes to embrace her differences and herself. Project Grants for Individuals Coventry
Sally Johnson East Bay / Bike Way / Art Day $750 To create a one day opportunity make art along the state's most popular bike path. Five artists will be stationed along the 14 mile path to purposefully engage bike riders and other members of the public and artists of all sorts will be encouraged to "Come Play" and make art along the path on that day. Project Grants for Individuals Riverside
Karen Isenberg Early Childhood Music Classes at Community Libraries $3,000 Karen Isenberg will conduct early childhood music classes for children ages 0-5 years and their adults at 4 Providence Community Library branches serving low-income communities. Participants will experience a diverse set of children's songs with a mix of tonal and rhythmic patterns. Classes aim to foster basic music competence, child development, positive adult-child relationships, and community. Project Grants for Individuals Providence
Sheyla Rivera Rios Luna Loba performance series $2,000 LUNA LOBA is a performance and new genre series, rituals of transformation following the Full Moon. This series has been running since 2016. Each night features 12+ artists of diverse mediums and identities; presenting performance art, video, spoken word/readings, sound/music, and performative installation. Project Grants for Individuals Providence
Fallon Masterson Stranger Stories: A Live Reading Series $1,000 Stranger Stories is a bi-monthly “live lit” night featuring readings of true stories by creative non-fiction writers. A convergence of writing and performance, this event will bring strangers together to share the inherent strangeness of our lives, a platform from which a range of stories can be creatively written and told. Project Grants for Individuals Providence
Michael Masseau 70s Haitian Griot Boy Pop Up Shop $500 The goal is to transform a local community venue into an immersive pop-up shop inspired by the Haitian perspective of 1970’s American culture. This interactive experience will blend folks of all backgrounds and ages to create nostalgia and new memories. Project Grants for Individuals Providence
Joseph DeGeorge Sax Machine $515 The artist will conduct a series of free interactive sax education performances throughout Rhode Island that will be open to the public. The artist will also record and press a run of 500 vinyl records and print educational zines as supplementary documents to the performance. Project Grants for Individuals Providence
Gladys Cole Polkadots: The Cool Kids Musical $500 G.Cole Productions will hold auditions and cast children actors for Polkadots: The Cool Kids Musical, a play about bullying. Project Grants for Individuals East Greenwich
Sylvia Ann Soares Bilingual Cape Verdean history & cultural show $3,000 The artist will research, write, direct and perform a bilingual educative theatrical piece on the history and culture of Cabo Verde (the official name) and RI Cape Verdean community, with local Rhode Island Cape Verdean poets and professional musicians. Project Grants for Individuals Providence
Jose Maldonado 6th Annual Project 401 Summer Jam Series $1,750 Project 401 founder and leader Jose "Facce" Maldonado will organize, complete outreach for, and execute Project 401's Sixth annual Summer Jam Series. This is a comprehensive Hip Hop programming initiative consisting of instruction and mentorship in Hip Hop elements, facilitated discussions on pertinent socio-political issues, and bi-weekly Jams at various parks in the Providence area. Project Grants for Individuals Pawtucket
Piero Alves Guimaraes Verdant Vibes Season Five $1,250 Verdant Vibes is a new music ensemble and concert series based in Providence that brings together composers and performers creating new work in multiple genres. Our fifth season will include multimedia performance events, collaborations with artists from RI and beyond chosen from our free call for scores/proposals, and a workshop with students. Project Grants for Individuals Providence