Opportunity Grant

Coming soon! This grant program will open on July 1, 2022.

What: Opportunity Grant.
Who: Artists that live in Rhode Island, and are over the age of 18.
For: Unique, short-term opportunities that will support professional growth.
Amount: Up to $1,000.

Opportunity Grants provide Rhode Island artists funding for concrete opportunities that will support professional growth. This grant is available to artists working in all disciplines at any stage in their career. Examples of the wide range of opportunities covered include: materials to complete work for a specific show; hiring a career coach or agent; attending classes or professional development events; marketing materials or documentation of a specific project; and/or attendance and travel costs for a residency/performance/conference. The grant awards are for unique, short-term opportunities that do not constitute routine completion of work in progress and that the applicant would not be able to take advantage of without this funding. You can apply for any amount up to $1,000 – we strongly encourage you to apply for the LEAST amount of funding you need to do this project. Money is limited, and we want to be able to support as many artists as possible.