How to respond to timeline question

The purpose of this question is for the panel to see how your organization is thinking through the steps entailed in accomplishing your proposed project. The panel will be considering: Is the applicant thinking of all the major steps? Are they giving themselves enough time? Your response to this question will indicate to the panel your experience doing the type of project you are proposing and it’s likelihood of success.

You don’t need to be incredibly detailed in your response!  A suitable example response would be a list of months indicating the major activities that have to happen in the time leading up to a project and indicating who among the people involved in your project is responsible for accomplishing those steps. For example:

  • January:
    • Maria reaches out to artists and confirms participation in summer festival.
    • Julie sends out sponsorship packets to local businesses.
    • Dylan reserves spaces at the Community Arts Center for the summer festival.
  • February:
    • Maria sends contracts to artists participating in the festival. Maria will also send another round of invitations.
    • Julia follows up with businesses who received sponsorship packets.
    • Dylan reserves portable toilets and begins contracting technical support positions.
  • Etc….