PGE/PGA FY20 cycle 1

Grant Amount
Grant Program
Calcutt Middle School STEAM Arts Component Implementation with Pushed Learning and Media $4,000 We are proposing a multi-artist residency with Pushed teaching artists Assi Coulibaly, Oliver Arias, and Eric Axelman for the 2019-2020 school year to help build the arts component of our new STEAM initiative. Artists will work with asst. principal Katie Gomes to coordinate teacher partnerships and showcase student art with frequent performances. Project Grants in Education Central Falls
DownCity Design DownCity Design Summer Design Studio $6,000 Our DownCity Design Summer Design Studio will engage 50 Providence and RI urban core teens in a free, intensive 6-week design education program from July 8-August 16, 2019. Students will explore design careers and will design and build two new amenities for public spaces or community groups, while improving math and literacy skills. Project Grants in Education Providence
Gilbert Stuart Middle School Integrating Storytelling into the Curriculum $4,800 Gilbert Stuart Middle School and Rhode Island Black Storytellers will work together to expand students' understanding of history, public speaking and good audience behavior through integrating the art of storytelling into all Social Studies, English, English Language Learner and Newcomer classes. Project Grants in Education Providence
International Charter School Documenting Our Identities $4,000 “Documenting Our Identities” is an arts education project integrated into the International Baccalaureate (IB) unit “How We Express Ourselves,” in which 3rd graders, teachers & Artist-in-Residence Mary Beth Meehan collaborate to teach how art and visual narrative can explore concepts of identity, culture, and community. Project Grants in Education Pawtucket
Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center Community Works $1,680 The Art Program at MLKCC will be inspired by the nearby Community Gardens and by Narragansett Bay. Artwork inspired by the garden will be exhibited in the entrance to the Community Food Pantry and the Community Room. Ceramic tiles depicting the sea around us will also be installed in classrooms, hallways and other spaces in the building. Project Grants in Education Newport
Raising Hope, Inc. Afro-Carribbean Drumming $4,000 Afro-Caribbean drumming engages young people ages 8 to 18 years from low income communities to develop skills for making music through folk drumming and other percussion in collaboration with Providence Elementary Schools and other after school programs at two locations. Program is provided by trained master artists on RISCA Roster. Project Grants in Education Providence
School One Intergenerational Arts Program $3,000 Intergenerational Arts Program brings together high school students and adults aged 65 and over to explore their creativity, learn theater skills, develop their powers of expression, and forge relationships across the generations. Unique to RI, the Intergenerational Arts Program uses theater to foster authentic collaboration and learning. Project Grants in Education Providence
Smart Test, Inc. Hip Hop Science $2,900 Smart Test plans to continue to provide two 8-week in-school Hip Hop Science programs at Pleasant View, in which students will learn basic scientific concepts of motion and apply Newton's Laws of Motion and Gravitation to the Hip Hop genre, using their bodies to show concrete examples of scientific laws. Project Grants in Education East Greenwich
South Kingstown CARES, Inc. Knowing Home : All School Play $1,620 "Knowing Home" is a multi-arts theater production that would involve upwards of 200 elementary school students and 50 adults. The theme centers on the history, geography and culture of the Matunuck area, using the performing arts to internalize information in these core subjects. Project Grants in Education Peace Dale
South Kingstown School Department/ Wakefield Elementary School The Great Quest – A Medieval Tale for Modern Times $1,620 The play, open to all school community members, tells the tale of a divided land where a dragon sows mistrust between two feuding kingdoms. As fear festers into hatred, war becomes imminent, until a wise wizard devises a plan to undo the dragon’s fear mongering and bring peace to the land. 200+ students will participate in telling this epic story. Project Grants in Education Wakefield
Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts Intensive Arts Residency for Pushed Learning and Media Dance and Video Arists $5,000 We are proposing an intensive arts residency for Pushed Learning and Media teaching artists Oliver Arias and Eric Axelman for the 2019-2020 school year. Artists will work closely with dance teacher Matt Garza to develop dance choreography and Hip Hop music to be performed live and integrated into arts and educational short films. Project Grants in Education Providence
Benjamin Lundberg Media Literacy & Media Production Workshops in Central Falls Schools $1,880 In partnership with Central Falls School District's "Expanded Learning Communities," Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sánchez will offer summer-long Media Literacy & Media Production workshops to high school or middle school aged young people that will resource them with grounding in media analysis & provide practical skill-building in production using readily available tools such as the students' phones. Project Grants in Education for Individuals Providence
Melissa Guillet Nature Art in the Park $1,000 15 Minute Field Trips will run monthly all-age programs that include an art activity and nature exploration at Blackstone Parks in Providence. Each month will focus on a seasonal theme and teach about flora or fauna local to the area. Project Grants in Education for Individuals Johnston
Peter Dickison 121: Intergenerational Artist and Apprentice Partnership $1,000 A multi-disciplinary collaborative pairing of a career artist with an aspiring student emerging artist, in a work and knowledge exchange with a public attendance happening as an outcome of the partnership. Project Grants in Education for Individuals Newport