Rhode Island Teaching Artist Roster

To view the current Rhode Island Teaching Artist Roster click here.

To apply, click here to access the RISCA grant portal for individuals.

The Rhode Island Teaching Artist Roster is a list of Rhode Island teaching artists who have been reviewed by public panels both for their artistic merit and their ability to work in educational settings.  RISCA is endorsing an individual’s teaching skills and credentials when they are approved by the panel process and added to the Roster. The Roster is also a widely used public resource by educational sites and individuals wishing to engage an artist for an arts learning project.

Application deadline is June 30th, 2023.

To be eligible, an individual must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a US Citizen or Green Card holder
  • Be a resident of the State of Rhode Island for at least six months

Successful applicants demonstrate:

  • Evidence of experience in one or more artistic disciplines
  • Knowledge and expertise in arts instruction, and an ongoing commitment to professional learning
  • Knowledge of the learning needs and styles of their intended audience

The application process consists of two parts – a written application and an interview. Applicants that demonstrate the above to the review panel will be granted an interview with the RISCA, Arts in Education Director and members of the review panel.   During the interview, applicants will be asked to provide  detailed examples of their work for each “educational engagement type” as indicated on their application.  These examples, or learning plans, should demonstrate:

  • A scope and sequence of events.
  • Differentiated instructional strategies that engage at least one of the populations/communities selected.
  • Learning goals that are aligned with the National Core Art Standards.

Already listed on the Rhode Island Teaching Artist Roster?

Artists can renew their listings annually, provided they are active professionally as teaching artists. In order to maintain active status and artist must:

  • Complete a yearly BCI background check in accordance with Rhode Island law.
  • Have a complete profile on Creative Ground which includes a recent photo, updated contact information and at least one reference with whom the artist has worked for in the last 3 years

The Rhode Island Teaching Artist Roster is part of New England Foundation for the Arts CreativeGround website, which will provide opportunities for RI teaching artists regionally.

Potential applicants are encouraged to contact Arts in Education Director Maggie Anderson for more information or any questions. You can reach Maggie at Maggie.Anderson@arts.ri.gov.