Teaching Artist Roster

To apply, click here to access the RISCA grant portal for individuals.

RISCA Teaching Artist Roster is a list of Rhode Island teaching artists who have been reviewed by public panels both for their artistic quality and their ability to work in educational settings. Artists are listed by discipline and are recommended for participation in Project Grants in Education (PGE). The Roster is also widely used as public resource by educational sites and individuals. Artists can renew their listings annually, provided they are active professionally as teaching artists. Those working in schools are also asked to complete a yearly BCI background check in accordance with Rhode Island law. RISCA Teaching Artist Roster is part of New England Foundation for the Arts CreativeGround website, which will provide opportunities for RI teaching artists regionally.

Application deadline is July 1st.

Successful applicants demonstrate:

  • Mastery of an artistic discipline
  • Knowledge and expertise in sequential arts instruction
  • Good communication skills
  • Planning and organizational ability
  • Understanding of PK-12 learners

Applicants are required to submit samples of their work to demonstrate mastery of their discipline as well as examples of curriculum units they have developed. Potential applicants are encouraged to contact Arts in Education Director Maggie Anderson for more information or any questions. You can reach Maggie at Maggie.Anderson@arts.ri.gov or 401-222-6994.