Examples of Project Grants for Education funded projects

Some funded examples include:

  • Connecting for Children & Families received $4,875 for “Woonsocket High School After School Arts”. This program, taught by roster teaching artists and qualified instructors, will increase access to high-quality, curriculum-based arts learning and improve related fine arts proficiency for up to 100 at-risk students in the 2016-2017 academic year. Program offerings will include: Dance, Visual Art, Jewelry Design, Weaving & Theatre.
  • Lonsdale Elementary School’s PTO in Lincoln will collaborate with roster teaching artists from the Gamm Theatre on a second-grade theatre residency, “Long Ago & Today”, focused on Native American and early settler history in this historic community. The project will enhance reading comprehension, public speaking and cultural sensitivity and was also supported by the Charles Dana Foundation.
  • School One, an alternative community High School in Providence, will continue its “Write RI” project to promote youth writing around the state. Local published authors from the Goat Hill collaborative and roster will give free workshops at community sites for emerging writers in grades 7-12. Student submissions will be selected by a ‘blind’ process for inclusion in a published anthology and public reading of outstanding works.

WHAT DO FUNDED EDUCATION PROPOSALS HAVE IN COMMON?  Artists with a proven track record of artistic quality and working in schools (either from the RISCA Education roster or strong supporting materials); Evidence of thorough planning involving the artist and many facets of the school community; Evidence of integration with the curriculum; Clear and realistic goals for the project; A preliminary timeline/schedule for the project; A process of evaluation.  Remember the “5-C’s”: CLARITY; CURRICULUM; COLLABORATION; CREATIVITY; CONSULTATION