Elena and Todd at the Americans for the Arts Convention in Minneapolis

Last week, RISCA Program Directors Elena Calderón Patiño and Todd Trebour presented at the Americans for the Arts Convention (AFTA) in Minneapolis. Elena presented on the success of the RI Expansion Arts Program in the session Succeeding at Complex Partnerships. The RI Expansion Arts Program is a long-running partnership between the Rhode Island Foundation, the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities, and RISCA.
For a small group of State Arts Agencies colleagues and State Arts Advocacy Organization leaders, Todd co-presented with Dr. Brea Heidelberg on the partnership with the Rhode Island Foundation and process behind the development of the Advancing Cultural Equity Pilot Program. Todd also co-facilitated AFTA’s Newcomers Orientation, as well as a participatory session called Spectacular Failures. Lastly, as a member of AFTA’s Emerging Leaders Advisory Council, Todd met with his colleagues on the Council, who come from across the country, to discuss issues effecting emerging leaders in the field and advise on AFTA’s field education programming (pictured above).

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