Documents for General Operating Support for Organizations Application Feedback Sessions

Below are documents we will be reviewing at the January 28 feedback sessions. While we will focus on only one application in each feedback session, the other applications will provide context. You are welcome to give feedback on other applications as well within your session.

Prior to January 28, I’d recommend reviewing the GOS Guidelines and the application for your given session. The evaluation criteria are in the guidelines, but I made them into a separate document so you could easily refer to them.

After giving you all some history and context, we will go through the narrative questions in the application. In addition to hearing any feedback, I can answer questions you might have. Lastly, I will have specific questions for you! In particular, there are some questions I’m having about the best and appropriate way to ask for demographic information, as well as financial related questions.

If you can’t attend the session, I still would love to hear from you! Please feel free to email me at with any feedback by Monday, January 31. 



The structure of these applications is based on the new Project Grant for Organizations application, which was developed in the spring of 2021 by a ten-person, BIPOC-majority working group comprised of individuals from around the state. Prior to these review sessions, GOS-O applications will have been reviewed by the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, ISO Arts Consulting, local RI grantmakers, and fellow state arts agency colleagues.

After these feedback sessions, RISCA staff will take the feedback received on these drafts to create final documents which will be available on February 15, 2022, when the new program opens. The first deadline will be April 1, 2022.