PPP and SVOG January 2021

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  • Mollie: mollie.flanagan@arts.ri.gov
  • SBA RI district office: RhodeIsland_DO@sba.gov


Q: Can I apply for a PPP and a SVOG?

A: No, receiving a PPP loan on or after December 27, 2020 makes you ineligible for the SVOG. While we are waiting for further guidance, we strongly advise you to NOT apply for a PPP loan if you might want to apply for the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant.

Q: If I am a sole proprietor, can I be getting Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and Payroll Protection Program funds for the same period.

A: No, you can only be getting one or the other. Report your PPP loan on your weekly unemployment certification. For further questions about the interaction between unemployment and PPP, contact the Department of Labor and Training: https://dlt.ri.gov/covid19.

Q: Can I apply for the second draw PPP if I did not receive a first draw loan?

A: No, but you can apply for a first draw.

Q: What revenue counts for calculating SVOG amounts?

A: We aren’t sure yet. The language currently says “gross earned revenue,” but we do not know if that includes educational or other programming besides ticketed performances. It also MIGHT include contributed revenue for nonprofits, like PPP and EIDL do, but this is not yet known. Please wait for the full program guidelines before making any firm decisions.

Q: What is the timeline for the release of the SVOG guidelines and applications, as well as deadlines for the application?

A: We have no idea. RISCA and the RI SBA chapter will let folks know once the federal level SBA has released more information.

Q: Will there be another webinar?

A: Yes, RISCA and the RI SBA district office will collaborate on more webinars in the coming weeks. Likely, one focusing on PPP and one focusing on SVOG. We will wait to hold the SVOG webinar until there is concrete information about the program.