RISD Mindshare Event November 9th


Saturday, November 9
20 Washington Place Auditorium / 1 – 4PM

Hear how RISD alumni pursue their passions! Learn how they launch personal projects, start businesses, ignite innovation and make social impact. These TED-style talks showcase the talent, thinking and conviction that alumni tap to create truly great experiences. Share the afternoon with like-minded artists and designers. Discover new creative opportunities. Challenge your thinking and be inspired! Free for Rhode Island based artists and designers to attend. More more information and to reserve tickets, click here.

Dance Audition Workshop for College Dance Programs

If you are interested in dance and applying to college you should be at this FREE workshop. The intention of this workshop is to expose high school students and educators about the dance audition process for college dance programs. Contact Jessica Pearson at jessica@paisoc.org for more information. If you are a high school student or dance educator, SIGN UP TODAY!

For more information, click here.