Arts State Council adds RI artist to its Teaching Artist Roster

To dovetail with National Arts in Education Week, Sept. 11 – 17, the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (RISCA) announced illustrator/printmaker Natasha Brennan, Providence, to its Rhode Island Teaching Artist Roster.

The Roster is a list of teaching artists and arts organizations who have been reviewed by public panels and selected based on their mastery of an artistic discipline, experience and training to work in educational settings. RISCA’s Roster is housed on the New England Foundation of the Arts’ CreativeGround website.

Join us, the CreativeGround team, and other partners in the virtual space for the official online launch event of CreativeGround 2.0! It’s on Thursday, Sept. 15, at 4 p.m. Celebrate the upgrade to the platform and discover how your state and communities are using this network to support the New England Creative Economy. To register: September 15 CreativeGround Kickoff – CreativeGround

The new addition will be added to the website in the coming days or weeks. To see the entire Roster, click here.

“This widely used resource taps into a wonderful resource — our community of RI teaching artists,” said Lynne McCormack, Executive Director of RISCA. “Artist-educators provide support, creativity and passion in our classrooms and related arts educational programs. I am proud to welcome Natasha to our Roster, which now numbers nearly 80 arts educators.”

About the new Teaching Roster artist

Natasha Brennan, based in Providence, is an illustrator and printmaker who focuses on magazines with a twist, called zines, art for children, posters and community-based projects. Currently, Brennan is the artist in residence at the Dirt Palace experimenting with printmaking and quilting. Brennan has worked as a teaching artist for RISD’s Project Open Door, CityArts and Dirt Palace Public Projects, running workshops about printmaking, drawing, activism, building shadow boxes, bookmaking, zines and collage.

In Brennan’s workshops, students learn how to experiment with different materials, explore new storytelling techniques, and work on exciting and engaging projects. Different approaches to projects by students are always encouraged within classes and workshops. Projects can be tailored and adjusted to fit different age ranges and experiences, even within the same group. Brennan’s projects focus on students’ imaginations, group discussions, games and are sometimes inspired by different community organizations and other local artists that are in their community.


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Opening night for the 40th anniversary of Flickers’ RIIFF is a big hit

The official Opening of the 40th Anniversary of Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival kicked off in Providence on Aug. 9.

Steven Feinberg, the Executive Director of RI’s Film and TV Office, thanked George Marshall, Larry Andrade, Michael Drywa, Shawn Quirk, Winnie Brownell, Mike Braca, the Board of Directors, staff and supporters for all of the efforts to support filmmaking and cinemagoing.

In addition he congratulated his mentor and friend, Randall Rosenbaum, on receiving the prestigious George M. Cohan for his unbridled advocacy of the arts community and to all of the Producers Circle Award winners. Feinberg also received an award and, he said, “It was a complete shock to me to also receive the Sam Spiegel Award at the end of the ceremonies from the RI International Film Festival team. I am humbled and grateful beyond words.”

He added, “The Film Festival has just started and the best is yet to come!”

Read the Providence Journal’s story on George Marshall, the guiding light behind Flickers’ R.I. International Film Festival.

RISCA staff members assist in navigating the fall grant application process

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View the video of the all-staff workshop on our grants

Get your questions to staff prior to 5 p.m. on Oct. 3, deadline day!
Portal closes at 11:59 p.m.

Our helpful and friendly RISCA staff can assist you with your grant application needs. In addition, we are available to meet with you about your grant ideas. We are offering grant writing and budgeting workshops, drop-in hours and one-on-one meetings during August and September so you can meet our Oct. 3 deadline.

See below for how to sign-up and key links. RSVP is required for all workshops and one-on-one meetings.

Project Grant for Organizations’ Workshop PowerPoint Presentation.
Video on How to Make a RISCA Project Budget with Jori Ketten.
Blog post about acquiring SAM-UEI.

New grant program: Project Grants for Education (PGE)
New Project Grants in Education Power Point, click here.
For other Project Grants for Education materials, click here.

Workshops and webinars

View the video of the all-staff workshop on our grants

Drop In Hours

Drop-in grant support with the full staff:

    • Friday, Sept. 30, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. To RSVP, click here;
    • and Monday, Oct. 3, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. To RSVP, click here.

In addition to open office hours, the staff is available for scheduled meetings throughout the open granting period.

Drop-in hours for grant programs and how to schedule a one-on-one meeting?

Folk Arts Fellowships and Apprenticeships, and Rhode Island Expansion Arts Program

Elena Calderón Patiño, Community Arts Program director, will hold meetings for artists and culture organizations interested in folk arts and the Rhode Island Expansion Arts Program. The folk arts are defined as those artistic practices which are community or family-based and express that community’s aesthetic heritage and tradition. The RI Expansion Arts Program is supported by a collaboration between Rhode Island Foundation, Rhode Island State Council on the Arts and Rhode Island Council for the Humanities. The Rhode Island Expansion Arts Program offers funding and organizational assistance to community-based, culturally diverse arts and cultural organizations.

For one-on-one meetings and for more information and to schedule a meeting, contact

Project Grants in Education

Maggie Anderson, Arts in Education Director, will be holding one-on-one virtual meetings for schools, artists or organizations interested in Project Grants for Education. There are two full days set aside for scheduled office hours. Tuesday, Sept. 20, and Tuesday, Sept. 27, from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.  She will be answering any questions you have about the grant program and application process.

To schedule a 30-minute meeting with Maggie for either day, contact:

New Individual Artist Grant Programs

Mollie Flanagan, individual artists program director, will be holding one-on-one virtual meetings for artists interested in fellowships for individual artists. She will be answering any questions you have about the grant program, and can help with the application, the budget form, or any other assistance you may need.

You can sign up for a 30-minute meeting slot with Mollie, by clicking here. If none of the dates and times listed works, email Mollie at Please note that all meetings are via Zoom or phone.

Project Grants for Organizations (PGO)

Todd Trebour, Organizations Program Director, will be holding one-on-one virtual meetings for people interested in Project Grants for Organizations (PGO). He can provide feedback on any potential project ideas, or answer questions you have about the program (be sure to read the guidelines before your meeting!). He can also help you with the budget form or review any application responses you’ve written.

You can sign up for a 30-minute meeting with Todd. To schedule a meeting, click here: Arts Organizations: Project Grant for Organizations One-on-One Chats (October 3 Deadline) ( If none of the dates or times listed works for you, email Todd at for alternate date or time.

For other Project Grants for Organizations materials, click here.

Project Grants in Healthcare

Anisa Raoof, arts and health coordinator, will be holding one-on-one virtual meetings for healthcare and community health organizations interested in Project Grants for Healthcare. She will be answering any questions you have about the grant program. You can sign up for a 30-minute meeting slot. Please note that all meetings are via Zoom or phone. To schedule a meeting with Anisa, email her at  Anisa at