#RIproclaimsthearts: Celebrating Arts Power to Create Change

RISCA Staff with Governnors Proclamation.jpg

A Message from Randy Rosenbaum, Executive Director of RISCA:

I am happy to announce that Governor Raimondo has declared October as Arts and Humanities Month in Rhode Island! We’re grateful to all of you – our artists & arts and culture organizations – for your important contribution to the cultural life of our State, and hope you’ll join us in a month-long social media celebration of the arts in Rhode Island.

Here’s our plan:  at some point in the month take a picture of yourself – or someone associated with your work – holding up a copy of the Proclamation (also attached at bottom of page) in front of some kind of arts making or arts learning. Post that picture on social media – Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Be sure to tag RISCA, and to use the hashtags #RIproclaimthearts #artistheanchor #NAHM.

Also consider participating in the #showyourart2018 campaign on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This is a social media campaign coordinated by American for the Arts that is designed to engage arts advocates on the local, state, and national level, and to bring awareness of National Arts and Humanities Month to the public. Check out some of the postings here, and then post your own stuff. This year’s campaign features a unique theme every day in October, including rural art, spoken word, arts & religion, dance, creativity at work, and more. Download the theme graphic here and share widely on the web and social media. Challenge yourself and your community to join in the fun using the hashtags #showyouart2018 #artistheanchor #NAHM.

Finally, join us on October 26 for a closing event with Ruby Lopez Harper, Director of Local Arts Services at American for the Arts, and RISCA staff. Details to follow!

So, October is the arts and culture’s chance to shine. Please consider being part of this month-long celebration!



Providence City Walk Demonstration Day

On Friday, June 15th, grab a roller and follow the lead of one of three artists who have designed murals for three different sites at the intersection of Broad and Public street.  These murals will be painted in tempera and will likely only last a few days – be a part of something fleeting and fabulous!

You can also join in a Flashmob-style dance choreographed by Sokeo Ros, to be launched at 1:30PM on Saturday, June 16th at the intersection of Broad and Public Streets. Learn the moves here!

These events are all part of a “Demonstration Day”, which invites Providence residents to try out and give feedback on plans for the addition of bike lanes, green infrastructure, and public art along Broad Street. 82 people walking or biking on Broad Street were involved in a car crash between 2009 and 2015. The goal of City Walk is to make Broad Street safer and more pedestrian friendly.

If you are interested in participating in arts activities for the City Walk Demonstration Day, please contact Cristina at DiChieraconsulting@gmail.com or just show up and participate!

Call For Interpretation – New Bedford Whaling Museum

A Spectacle in Motion is an upcoming exhibition that will premiere a never-before-seen digital facsimile of the longest painting in America – the 1,275-foot-long GraArtWeek logond Panorama of a Whaling Voyage ‘Round the World.

The advanced screening for artists will inspire attendees as part of a call for artistic interpretations of all mediums to be performed/exhibited alongside the exhibition throughout the summer of 2018. The exhibition will include a theatrical replication of the panorama in its original format – as a moving Panorama on stage – complete with contextual objects that will regale visitors on the history of the artists, the evolution of visual culture and entertainment, maritime literature, cultural connections, and the maritime history and culture of mid-19th century America.
Special to ArtWeek, local artists will get this preview months before its public debut. Museum curators and historians will provide context to the exhibition and talk in detail about the themes and concepts to be unpacked via the exhibition. Artists will get a chance to ask questions and get a feel for the experience that the Museum is aiming to create with the exhibition. #ArtWeekMA