Call For Interpretation – New Bedford Whaling Museum

A Spectacle in Motion is an upcoming exhibition that will premiere a never-before-seen digital facsimile of the longest painting in America – the 1,275-foot-long GraArtWeek logond Panorama of a Whaling Voyage ‘Round the World.

The advanced screening for artists will inspire attendees as part of a call for artistic interpretations of all mediums to be performed/exhibited alongside the exhibition throughout the summer of 2018. The exhibition will include a theatrical replication of the panorama in its original format – as a moving Panorama on stage – complete with contextual objects that will regale visitors on the history of the artists, the evolution of visual culture and entertainment, maritime literature, cultural connections, and the maritime history and culture of mid-19th century America.
Special to ArtWeek, local artists will get this preview months before its public debut. Museum curators and historians will provide context to the exhibition and talk in detail about the themes and concepts to be unpacked via the exhibition. Artists will get a chance to ask questions and get a feel for the experience that the Museum is aiming to create with the exhibition. #ArtWeekMA