Call for Art About Food or the Relationship to Food

Can you bake a tall cake? How about draw a picture of a short cake? Take a photo of an ugly cake? Maybe record a video of you eating a slice of pretty cake? Or you wrote a clever song about a stupid cake? 🍰

We’re throwing a salon. It’s happening on the evening of Thursday, January 25th.

In fact, it’s the third in a series. It’s not really about cake.

Wait, you knew it wasn’t really about cake, right?

Exactly, it’s a metaphor for consumption, overconsumption, beauty, ugliness, decadence and eating all of everything all at once.

Have you ever noticed the relationship between food and art and want to express it for others to see and hear? Did you make art that you weren’t sure was food or vice versa? Does the line between contemporary life and art both confuse and amaze you? Is this too many questions? What is art, anyway?

Show us, and we’ll tell you!




We’re taking submissions of art that is food and food that is art, or art you made while hungry, a song you wrote in a restaurant, something you got so obsessed with you forgot to eat for several days — you get the idea.

We will also have crudités, hors d’oeuvre and finger food.