Attention organizational grantees, applicants: Request your SAM-UEI ASAP!

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Last April, the federal government’s requirement for an organization to have a DUNS number to receive grants sourced from federal funds, – including RISCA grants – switched to a requirement to have a SAM-UEI, which stands for the federal System of Award Management Unique Entity Identifier.

If your organization intends on applying for grants from RISCA, you will now need a SAM-UEI in order to submit your application. We recommend you request a SAM-UEI as soon as possible to ensure you have it by the application deadline.

Here are instructions on how to request a SAM-UEI:

  • If your organization has applied for a grant directly from the federal government before (e.g. the National Endowment for the Arts), and therefore has a registration, read the Already in
  • For all other organizations, visit the website for the latest information and instructions on how to obtain a SAM-UEI.

Note: the registration is free – but there are scammers out there. Make sure you are doing this process through a .gov website.

If you have questions, email and RISCA staff can be of limited help in requesting SAM-UEIs, as this is a federal government process.

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