Attention organizational grantees and applicants! Request your SAM-UEI ASAP

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is SAM-GOV-.pngBy April, the federal government’s requirement to have a DUNS number to receive grants sourced from federal funds, including RISCA grants, will switch to a requirement to have a SAM-UEI, which stands for the federal System of Award Management Unique Entity Identifier. All RISCA grantees with an outstanding final report or plan on applying at the April 1, 2022, deadline (or beyond!) will need to request their SAM-UEI number ASAP.

RISCA will require a SAM-UEI for all of our applicants starting with this application cycle. Any grantees who have a final report due July 31, 2022, will need to have a SAM-UEI to submit their final report.

There are three different ways you can request or access your SAM-UEI. You will choose the one that makes sense for your organization’s circumstances. Once you’ve received your SAM-UEI, please fill out this short form letting RISCA know your new SAM-UEI. Having your SAM-UEI on record via this form will help us in adjusting our records from prior fiscal year grant cycles in preparation for upcoming federal reports.

  •  If your organization has applied for a grant directly from the federal government before (e.g. the National Endowment for the Arts), and therefore has a registration, read the Already in guide.
  • If your organization has applied for a RISCA grant before but has never applied for a grant directly from the federal government, read the Have DUNS & Not in guide.
  •  If your organization does not have a DUNS Number and plans on applying for an organization grant (e.g. Project Grant for Organizations, Project Grant in Healthcare, or General Operating Support for Organizations) from RISCA at the April 1 deadline, read the Have No DUNS before April 1 guide.

Note: the registration is free – but there are scammers out there. Make sure you are doing this process through a .gov website. If you have questions, email and Please read through the relevant guide for your organization before reaching out to staff. Other resources at

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