Artist Residency in Alaska with US Forest Service

Voices of the Wilderness artist residency program

Sponsored by the US Forest Service, National Park Service
& US Fish & Wildlife Service

Residencies open to:
Art professionals in all media – visual (two and three dimensional, photographers, sculptors, painters), audio (musicians, singers, composers), film (video/filmmakers), and writers (poets, fiction, essays, storytellers).

Residency period:
Residency dates vary, but typically they are hosted June through September, lasting 7-9 days.

Susan Watkins painting in Nellie Juan-College Fiord WSA 2012.The Voices of the Wilderness artist residency is a unique opportunity. It is modeled after traditional residencies in the national parks, with a twist. Instead of staying at a remote wilderness cabin, our participating artists are paired with a wilderness specialist and actively engaged in stewardship projects, such as research, monitoring, and education. The idea is to give artists a sense of the stewardship behind America’s public lands, fostering an artistic exploration of these natural and cultural treasures. The hoped-for result is artwork that communicates something of the meaning of these lands.

For more information, and to apply, click here. Deadline March 1st.