Art League Rhode Island Call for Entry

ALRI calls for 2 and 3d art for Parsing Sign and Image- an Open Juried National Exhibition. Images have power to convey ideas across languages and cultures. Images can stand alone without relying on a literal translation. Today, our visual fields are filled with imagery (television to Instagram), and a literate mind unconsciously reads text without considering it. You don’t have to tell yourself to read a stop sign – you just do. From road signs and graffiti, to pop-up ads and text messages, we are constantly and instantaneously ingesting language and its message. How does the involuntary practice of reading, translating, influence the artistic practice? Can text itself stand as an image, or will our minds always connect to a literal meaning? Must a word always carry meaning, or can words and letters act as graphic elements of pattern and design? Parsing Sign and Image seeks submissions that consider the influence of letters, text, signs and language. The submission deadline is July 22nd. For more information, click here.