Verdant Vibes Call for Scores

CALL FOR SCORES: Verdant Vibes is seeking recently composed scores to perform on its fifth concert season beginning Fall 2019. Concerts will take place in unique venues around Providence and greater New England, featuring the Verdant Vibes Ensemble along with special guest performers from the local and regional experimental, electronic, and new music scenes. We remain dedicated to presenting music from Rhode Island-based/native composers, but also invite composers from around the world to participate.

Pieces may be up to 15 minutes in duration, scored for one or more performers drawn from the following instruments: clarinet/bass clarinet (1 player), violin (2 players), viola, cello, double bass, percussion, piano/synth/accordion (1 player), electric guitar, electronics, and/or multimedia. The addition of one or two other instruments/voices may be possible, but your piece is more likely to be programmed if it fits our core instrumentation.

CALL FOR COLLABORATIONS: If you would instead like to propose a collaboration, please upload various work samples and tell us about your ideas in the “Call for Collaborations” field below. Verdant Vibes has worked with dancers, video artists, poets, and improvisational musicians, and invites proposals from all artists who are interested in working with us.

Submission deadline is August 1, 2019. For more information, visit the Verdant Vibes website or the online application form.

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