2020 Fellowship Announcement

RISCA is pleased to announce the first 14 RISCA Fellows and Merit Fellows of 2020! At the April 1st cycle, we award fellowships in: Three Dimensional Art; Crafts; Fiction; Film & Video; Photography; Play & Screenwriting; and Poetry.

Fellowships are unrestricted awards that encourage the creative development of artists by enabling them to set aside time to pursue their work and achieve specific creative and career goals. One $5,000 fellowship and one $1,000 merit are awarded in each of 13 disciplines each year. Fellowship and Merit awards are based solely on artistic merit, and are highly competitive. Awards are selected through an anonymous panel review of submitted work samples. You can see some of the pieces recipients in Three Dimensional Art, Crafts, and Photography submitted here.

Three Dimensional Art
Fellowship: James Drain
Merit: Johnny Adimando

Fellowship: Borris Bally
Merit: Jocelyn Prince

Fellowship: Darcie Dennigan
Merit: Matthew Kramer

Film & Video
Fellowship: Luli Heintz
Merit: Jan Carlos Terrero Rodriguez (aka Slitty Wrists)

Fellowship: Mara Trachtenberg
Merit: Tina Tryforos

Play & Screenwriting
Fellowship: Lawrence Goodman
Merit: Aashish Edakadampil (aka Ash Adams)

Fellowship: Carrie Oeding
Merit: Laura Brown-Lavoie

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