¿Se aculillo? /  Are you scared? 
An exhibit of contemporary Latine / Latinx artists

October 1 – October 31

AS220’s Resident Gallery 

About the show:

¿Se aculillo? / Are you scared? is a one-month pop up exhibit in AS220’s Resident Gallery showcasing visual artists’ historically grounded and contemporary reckonings with fear.

The phrase. ¿Se aculillo?, is a Colombian taunt that roughly translates to, “Are you scared?” More literally, aculillo refers to a sensation of the body clenching or curling inward.

This October, as part of Hispanic Heritage Month, Curator Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sanchez invites Latinx/Latine artists whose work relates to themes of fear, apprehension, and the body, OR to the phrase ¿Se aculillo? / Are you scared? to submit work.

Note about Latinx and Latine: The show title uses both Latinx and Latine as gender neutral forms of Latina/Latino. Latinx is a distinctly U.S. American, gender-neutral term that has been taken up by queer, radical spaces, and, subsequently, the academy in the United States. Latine (and the practice of replacing “a/o” endings with “e”), on the other hand, is a gender neutral language that more easily flows and conjugates in spoken Spanish.

About submissions:

All mediums, including performance/live arts, will be considered.

Must identify as Latinx / Latine / Latino / Latina / Latin American / Hispanic to submit.

Strong consideration for Afro-Latinx artists, Indigenous artists, LGBTQAI artists, and artists who have been marginalized or disenfranchised from traditional presentations of art.


To submit, please include the following:

A short bio OR statement of interest (200 words or less)

Up to 5 images of your work or up to 5 minutes of video

Please send all submissions via e-mail to benjofaman@gmail.com

About the curator:

Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sanchez is a Colombian performance & visual artist, educator, and curator.

Lundberg Torres Sanchez’s work has appeared in spaces including the PHI Centre (Montreal), SP Escola de Teatro (Sao Paulo), Zona 30 (Lima), El Bunker (La Paz), Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival, Queens Museum, Panoply Performance Laboratory (Brooklyn), Silent Barn (Brooklyn), Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics (Brooklyn), Bowery Poetry Club (Manhattan), Teatro Circulo (Manhattan), La MaMa E.T.C. (Manhattan), the Morgan Library & Museum (Manhattan), Jersey City Art & Studio Tour, JC Fridays (Jersey City), The Mills Gallery (Boston), Villa Victoria Center for the Arts (Boston), IMAGO Gallery (Warren, RI), Providence International Arts Festival, PVDFest (Providence), AS220 (Providence), AURORA (Providence), and the Pigeon Hole Gallery (Providence).

He is a resident artist at AS220 in Providence, and is a member of the 2012 EMERGENYC cohort at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance & Politics. Lundberg is the recipient of NEA Art Works funding through AS220’s 2017 Community Live Arts Residency, was RISCA’s 2017 Merit Fellow in New Genres, and is currently RISCA’s 2018 Merit Fellow in Video & Film.

Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sanchez returns to AS220’s Resident Gallery in October to curate ¿Se aculillo? / Are you scared? : an exhibit of contemporary Latine / Latinx artists, following his successful solo exhibition, Adaptive Shade, this May, featuring works created with the support of his 2017 RISCA Merit Fellowship in New Genres.

About AS220’s Galleries:

In light of AS220’s founding mission to provide an uncensored, unjuried, all-ages forum for artists, we extend the opportunity to exhibit original creative work in our galleries to every resident of Rhode Island. To support our mission, AS220’s Galleries and Performance Space are partially subsidized by proceeds from our restaurant, Foo(d), and The Bar at AS220.

In the course of a year, over 150 artists participate in the monthly exhibits at AS220’s rotating galleries. There is always work on display at the Main Gallery and Open Window on the ground floor of 115 Empire Street, at the Youth Gallery on Empire Street’s 2nd floor, and at the Project Space Gallery and Reading Room, on the first floor of AS220’s Dreyfus building at 93 Mathewson Street.

In 2011, the year-round artists-in-residence of AS220’s three buildings established a Resident Gallery in the Mercantile Block foyer and now organize monthly exhibits in the space.